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We are expecting longer travel time to Eindhoven Airport

On 27 May, a part of the underground parking garage P1 was collapsed at Eindhoven Airport. Due to different road deposits, we are expecting longer travel time. Check this page for more information.

We are expecting longer wait times at Schiphol Airport

Holiday season has started. We are expecting longer wait times at the check-in desks and the security desks at Schiphol Airport. Make sure you arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure for a carefree start of your trip. Tip: You can check in online for your flight between 30 and 4 hours before departure. 

You can check in online for these airports

Extra hand luggage checks at Turkish airports

There will be an additional check of hand luggage carried out when boarding at Turkish airports. Therefore you need to be at the gate no later than 1 hour before departure. We therefore ask you to be at the airport 2.5 hours before departure so you can depart without any problems.

Extra luggage checks at Prague airport

Due to EU legislation security is being tightened at the airport in Prague (Václav Havel Airport Prague). As of 15 May 2017, there will be an increased frequency of luggage checks. This means your luggage could also be opened. To ensure that security can open your luggage without damaging it, we recommend you use a TSA lock on your luggage. 

You could also lock your luggage with a padlock but do keep in mind that this may be cut open and it will not replaced. Another option is to have your luggage sealed at the airport. After the check, your luggage is then sealed by security using Prague Airport tape. For more information, please go to

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Due to safety regulations, you are no longer allowed to take the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you on a Transavia flight. This ban applies on all Transavia flights.

Passport scanning at Dubai

At the request of the Dutch authorities, your passport will be scanned before you depart from Dubai.