Chania, Greece

Fishing boats bob in the harbour, the Lefka Ori mountain looks over the town, and there are traces of years gone by everywhere. Welcome to Chania.

Book your ticket to Chania and visit one of the most beautiful towns in Greece! During the day relax on the endless long beaches. In the evening, the harbour with its lighthouse is highly recommended. It is the perfect place to take a romantic walk against the backdrop of the Lefka Ori mountain.

Fly to Chania with all its diversity

The ancient town of Chania has a long history. Several Turkish and Venetian traces remain in many places. Imposing houses lie on the glittering water and historic buildings are spread around the streets. Chania is also a good place for nature lovers. The fabulous nature parks and colourful plants should not be missed! Are you looking for friendly, picturesque restaurants? There is plenty of choice in the small alleys in the centre of town.

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