Verona, Italy

Book a flight to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet! But...this romantic city has so much more to offer!

Verona is not only known for Shakespeare’s world-famous play, but first and foremost for its gigantic Arena. In this ancient stadium, gladiators once fought to entertain the people. Nowadays, 22,000 people go wild at their favourite concert here. And...this fabulous city is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! When the weather gets hot, it’s nice to know you’re not too far from a beach. The popular Lake Garda is only thirty minutes away by car!

When are you flying to Verona?

During the summer, the classic operas play a starring role in Verona. Open-air concerts are organised several times a week, a memorable experience! Prefer to relax at an outdoor café? The picturesque city centre has several inviting squares surrounded by historic churches and interesting monuments. Discover Italian cuisine, a genuine pleasure for your taste buds!

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