Izmir, Turkey

Book a flight to Izmir and experience the best of two worlds: a city full of history that also boasts wonderful golden sand beaches!

Izmir, situated on a lovely green hill, is home to colourful houses, quiet bays and a rich history. Find inspiration in beautiful historic buildings in this charming city. The bell towers and castle built by Alexander the Great are the best preserved historic buildings. Visit the castle at sunset, when the call to prayer resounds through the city and the views are magical. Feel like fish for dinner? Enjoy the local specialities trança and çipura (two delicious species of sea bream) at a fish restaurant!

When are you flying to Izmir?

Enjoy hot summers with a refreshing sea breeze in Izmir. What about a holiday in the spring or fall? With temperatures averaging around 25 degrees, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches almost all year round. The bays surrounded by hills and green nature are the perfect setting for utter relaxation.

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