Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is located about 15 kilometres from Groningen and is easily accessible by car via the A28 (Groningen-Assen). Moreover, it is the ideal starting point for holidaymakers travelling from the northern provinces of the Netherlands in particular. 

The most important advantages of Groningen Airport Eelde:
  • Cheaper flights
  • Convenient parking
  • Quick check-in and check-out
Accessibility by car
Groningen Airport Eelde is located about 15 kilometres from Groningen and is easily accessible. Simply follow the A28 to Groningen and Assen, and take exit 37.

Accessibility by public transport
You can reach the airport with the Qbuzz buses. Line 2 (Groningen-Eelde) stops in front of the airport. Travellers coming from the direction of Assen can take Line 51 (Assen-Groningen) to De Punt, which is situated about 0.5 km from the airport. At De Punt you can transfer to Line 2, which drops you off at the airport.

Parking at Groningen Airport Eelde
Parking at Groningen Airport Eelde is cheap and convenient. All the parking facilities are within walking distance of the passenger terminal. The rates can be found on the website of the airport.

P1 & P2: short-term parking 
You will find these car parks in front of the terminal. There are payment terminals in front of the restaurant and in the middle of the car park. Special parking spaces for the disabled are located in front of the terminal, at P1.

P4: long-term parking
If you want to park for more than 1 day, you can park at P4. P4 is closed when there are no flights. The car park opens 2 hours before the departure of the first charter flight and closes half an hour after the final inbound or outbound flight. We advise you to drop off your co-travellers and luggage in front of the terminal before parking your car. In the weekends and during the winter season (to mid-April), you can park at P2. P4 has a payment terminal as well.

Facilities at Groningen Airport Eelde
  • Airport shop
  • ATM machine
  • Restaurant and hotel: Moreover, you have a great view of the events on the platform from the patio at Hotel-Restaurant L’Avion and from inside the restaurant. Hotel-Restaurant L’Avion also offers overnight stays.
  • Use your own laptop or PDA at Groningen Airport Eelde with Wi-Fi Hotspots provided by KPN.
Security measures
After your luggage has been checked in, it will be scanned by an X-ray machine. This is to make sure no dangerous objects are taken on board.
Before boarding your flight or entering the departure hall, you will be subject to a number of security checks. These checks are carried out to prevent any objects being taken on board that could endanger the passengers and crew. During these checks, security checks for any sharp objects, such as scissors, knives, awls and the like. However, these items are allowed in your hold luggage. It is therefore important that before checking in, you check to see if you have any items in your hand luggage that may not be allowed on board. Sharp objects are best packed in your hold luggage.

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