Cephalonia, Greece

Interested in an activity-filled holiday, exploring nature or simply working on your tan on beautiful sandy beaches? The Greek island of Cephalonia has something for everyone!

Cephalonia is especially known for its lovely bays with beautiful sandy beaches. This island even has the most photographed beach in Greece! On Myrthos Beach, you’ll feel like you’re on a bounty island. The pearly white sand with the bright blue sea is postcard perfect! But Cephalonia has much more to offer than just beaches. This mountainous island is also perfect for hikers and nature lovers. Visit the Ainos National Park or explore caves, gorges and underground lakes!

Fly to the villages of Cephalonia

In Cephalonia, you’ll find picturesque villages with friendly locals. The fishing village of Fiskardo is one of them, where the houses are painted bright colours and numerous Venetian buildings still stand. In the evening, visit the capital, Argostoli, or harbour and sample the local wine, since Cephalonia has its own vineyards. Have you already booked your flight to beautiful Cephalonia?

Practical information

Transport to/from the airport

The airport of Kefalonia is located about 7 km from the centre of its capital Argostoli. The only form of transport to/from the airport is by taxi.
  • Taxi

    You will find taxi ranks outside, in front of the airport. There are fixed prices for specific routes, for example from the airport to Poros or Lassi. A taxi to Argostoli costs somewhere between €15 and €20.

Transport in the city/region

Travel anywhere on Kefalonia:
  • Bus

    There are good bus connections all over the island. Please note: The buses do not run frequently. We recommend inquiring about the bus information in advance at the reception of your hotel. 
  • Taxi

    You can hail a taxi anywhere on the street on Kefalonia. Most taxis have a meter but you can easily negotiate on a price in advance. In the bigger cities, you will find plenty of taxi ranks. 

Passport and visa

You need a valid passport or identity card.  

Time zone

GMT +2 (summer time +3) 
On Kefalonia, it is 1 hour later than it is in the Netherlands.


The currency used in Kefalonia is the Euro (EUR).

Duration of flight

The flight to Kefalonia lasts approximately 3 hours. The outbound and inbound flights may be shorter if the wind direction is favourable.