Kos, Greece

A picturesque fishing port, charming villages, cycling paths and locals who greet you with a smile are what you’ll find on Kos. Buy a ticket to this beautiful and friendly little island!

Kos is one of the most popular islands in Greece. The moment you arrive, you’ll understand why. The distances are short, making everything easy to reach, and you can bike everywhere thanks to the low-lying landscape. Take a bike trip to the southern side? The hot springs are waiting for you to take a dip! After enjoying a mineral bath, you’ll feel rejuvenated and reborn. 

Fly to the archaeological treasure trove of Kos

The archaeological sites in Kos are hard to miss. Many of the sites were discovered after a major earthquake in 1933 and are located in Kos City. Visit ruins from Roman and Greek times and see one of the oldest trees in the world. It was under this world-famous tree that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, gave lessons. Still have time for other activities? Take a boat from Kos City to Bodrum and Nisyros. Book an affordable flight to Kos! With these tips for sightseeing in Kos you are sure to have an unforgettable holiday.

Practical information

Transport to/from the airport

Kos airport is located about 27 km from the city centre. You can travel to/from the airport by taxi or bus.
  • Taxi

    Prefer to travel by taxi? You will find taxis parked outside, in front of the arrival hall. The drive to the centre of Kos city costs approximately €35.
  • Bus

    Look out for the orange bus stops outside, in front of the arrival hall. From there, the KTEL buses depart for the centre of Kos. Tickets cost €3.20 and can be bought from the bus driver.

Transport in the city/region

Travel anywhere on Kos:
  • Bus

    Especially in summer, there are plenty of buses that run from the centre of Kos to different beaches. You can also take a bus to the beaches in the south-west of Kos.
  • Taxi

    You can explore the island cheaply by taxi. Most taxis have a meter. You can hail a taxi on the street or hire one at a taxi rank.

Passport and visa

You need a valid passport or identity card.

Time zone

GMT +2 (summer time +3) 
On Kos, it is 1 hour later than it is in the Netherlands.


The currency used in Kos is the Euro (EUR).

Duration of flight

The flight to Kos lasts approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. The outbound and inbound flights may be shorter if the wind direction is favourable.