The most impressive sights in Kos

The Greek island of Kos has a lovely fishing harbour, picturesque villages, paved bike paths and residents who greet you with a smile. Kos also has historic sights, especially in the capital, Kos City.

Sight: Kos City

Kos City

Many of Kos’ historic sights are found in the capital, Kos City. The location of the city was inhabited in as far back as the 3rd century BC, so the city has a very rich past. This is clear from all the different architectural styles in the city, ranging from the Greek to Roman periods and from the Byzantine to Turkish periods. When in Kos City, make sure to visit the agora (old marketplace) and Johanniter Castle. And make sure you have time to spare to enjoy the outdoor cafés and shops in the charming centre.


The Tree of Hippocrates

The Tree of Hippocrates in Kos City is worthy of separate mention. This old sycamore is named after the physician Hippocrates of Kos, who lived in Greece in the 4th century BC and is considered the founder of Western medicine. Legend has it that Hippocrates once taught his students under this tree. The sycamore that stands there today is around 500 years old. It is probably a descendant of the legendary tree that allegedly stood here 2,400 years ago. The Tree of Hippocrates can be found on Platía Platanou square.

Sight: The Tree of Hippocrates
Sight: The mountain village of Zía

The mountain village of Zía

The village of Zía is located in the Dikeos mountains. If you’d like to take in a bit of local culture while enjoying your sun-filled holiday on Kos, make sure to visit Zía. It has charming little houses, delicious food and fabulous views. Keep in mind that Zía is very popular with tourists and you’ll have to elbow your way through the crowds to see this traditional mountain village. But it’s definitely worth it!


Embrós Thérme

The natural thermal spa of Embrós Thérme is located in the south of Kos. The mineral water here rises several metres from the coast and has a temperature of 40-50°C. An artificial water channel transports the water to a water basin of around 25 square metres that is connected to the Aegean Sea. Since the mineral water is heated by volcanic hot springs, it smells like sulphur. The natural thermal spa is very popular, because it is said that the mineral water has healing properties.

Sight: Embrós Thérme


Did you know that from Kos City, you can get to the Turkish city of Bodrum in only half an hour? A great idea for a day trip! And you don’t need a visa either. You will receive a temporary visa-like document that is valid for one day. Bodrum has charming square white houses, narrow picturesque streets and a modern marina. It is also home to one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.