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Informações atualizadas sobre o voo

Vá de viagem bem preparado/a com a informação de voo da Transavia. Consulte com frequência a informação de voo abaixo para evitar surpresas (somente em Inglês).

Stormy conditions in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, due to expected storm in The Netherlands, our flights scheduled to depart on 18 January 2018 may encounter delays or cancellations. For now, we expect to operate most flights according to schedule. If your flight is impacted, we will inform you via email and SMS using the contact information provided during booking.

Moved flights
As a precaution, the flights below have been moved for 24 hours.

HV5807 Amsterdam - Thessaloniki 10.00 uur
Moved to:
19 January 2018 10.00 uur

HV5808 Thessaloniki - Amsterdam 14.35 uur
Moved to:
19 January 2018 14.35 uur


If you do not want to travel on 18 January anymore, we offer you the following:

I want to rebook my flight(s)
You have the following options:

  • Change your travel dates between today and 14 days without any additional costs
  • Change your travel date(s) to a date later than 14 days without paying the change fee. Fare differences will be charged
  • Change your flight(s) to a different destination, without paying the change fee. Fare differences will be charged.

I want to cancel my flight(s)
To claim the full amount, please click the refund button in the email send, or fill in the online form within 3 months after the flight date. We will deposit the amount into the account used to pay for the booking.

Our Service Centre is happy to assist you. If you have booked via a travel agent, please contact your travel agent.

Extra luggage checks at Prague airport

Due to EU legislation security is being tightened at the airport in Prague (Václav Havel Airport Prague). As of 15 May 2017, there will be an increased frequency of luggage checks. This means your luggage could also be opened. To ensure that security can open your luggage without damaging it, we recommend you use a TSA lock on your luggage. 

You could also lock your luggage with a padlock but do keep in mind that this may be cut open and it will not replaced. Another option is to have your luggage sealed at the airport. After the check, your luggage is then sealed by security using Prague Airport tape. For more information, please go to

Extra hand luggage checks at Turkish airports

There will be an additional check of hand luggage carried out when boarding at Turkish airports. Therefore you need to be at the gate no later than 1 hour before departure. We therefore ask you to be at the airport 2.5 hours before departure so you can depart without any problems.

Passport scanning at Dubai

At the request of the Dutch authorities, your passport will be scanned before you depart from Dubai.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Due to safety regulations, you are no longer allowed to take the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with you on a Transavia flight. This ban applies on all Transavia flights.

Call for strike Transavia France

In France, a call for strike has been issued by a non-representative union of crew members from 1-5 January 2018. Read more